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The Netherlands

We cover all ports in Spain
including Las Palmas and Gibraltar

Based in the Netherlands and Belgium, we operate throughout Europe
(e.g. Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy and Turkey)


International Shipsuppliers &
Services Association


ISO 9001 & ISO 22000

AFS Europe

Independent all-round shipsupply company




AFS Europe is the official distributor of Ship-Aid in Europe. Ship-Aid is a product of Unitec from Japan.

  • Repair of various piping leaks (water, sea water, air & oil)

  • Repair of aux, steam piping leaks

  • Repair of exh. gas piping leaks

  • Repair of hydraulic piping leaks

  • Repair of pump casing

  • Repair of expansion joint crack

  • Repair of piping under pressure

  • As a reinforcing material to a thinned portion

  • Alternative repair at areas that can not be welded




One of our core business is to supply all kind of provisions (Asian food), bonded stores, general stores for deck, engine and catering, tanker cleaning and maintenance chemicals, safety equipment, composite hoses, spare parts and engine repairs.

1. General provisions for ships and the offshore industries
We stock a wide range of international provisions, customs bonded stores, especially Asian food and technical stores to meet all kind of vessel’s requirements.

2. General stores for deck, engine, catering, stationery and medicines
A wide range of flexible services is totally adapted to our customer’s needs and includes:

Accommodation Equipment Medical Supplies
Bearings Nautical Equipment
Boilers Office Stationery & Consumables
Cargo & Deck Equipment Pipe & Tube Fittings
Chemical & Petroleum products Plumbing & Equipment
Clothing Power Generation & Electrical Equipment
Construction Equipment Pumps
Consumables & Disposables Ropes and Hawsers
Engineering, Machinery & Spare parts Safety and Personal Protective Equipment
Fire Fighting Equipment Tapes, Packing & Jointing
Galley & Kitchen Equipment Technical Support
Handling Equipment Tools & Hard Wear
Heating & Cooling Equipment Transport & Logistics
Janitorial & Sanitary Supplies Valves
Lubricants & Painting Equipment Welding Equipment

3. Any kind of marine or industrial machinery equipment and spare parts

Auxiliary Engine spare parts Purifiers
Compressors Pumps
Electrical Ship’s Crane spare parts
Governors Turbochargers
Machinery spare parts Valve
Main Engine* Other spare parts

*Genuine consumable main engine spare parts such as gaskets, O-ring, fuel equipment, cylinder liners, piston skirts, piston rings, ect. For Sulzer main engines and MAN B &W main Engine.

One of our goals is to be a business partner for shipbuilders, shipowners and their management offices by helping them meet safety requirements and create a safe and protected working environment for the shipping crew.

Our engineers are trained in all major brands for gas detection, fixed and portable. We provide services for different brands (such as uti’s, Riken Keiki, New Cosmos, Komyo, Salwico, GMI, Toka Seiki, smoke/fire detection, calibration gasses). Besides services, we supply portable gas detectors of all major brands with competitive prices and highly accurate calibration gas (almost all gasses in stock).

As our engineers are experts in fine mechanics and electronics, there are many more things we can help our customers with. Basically, all fine mechanics and electronics on board of vessels are our work field.

Round the clock service and delivery wherever needed. With our own facilities and with the help of our subcontractors we can perform a complete range of service.

Ship repairs services include:

  • Full scope of ship repairs and technical maintenance and general repairs
    • hulls
    • main and auxiliary engines, pumps, ship gear, cargo hold and piping
    • metal spares
  • Repair of instrumentation and control systems
    • ODME, Bolier control
    • Bilgewater separatores
    • IG systems
    • Central clock system
    • Pneumatic instruments: Nakakita, Yamatake
  • Safety
    • Life raft/Life boat inspection, testing, repair
    • Fire fighting system
  • Underwater
    • underwater inspection
    • repair
    • video survey

Worldwide service for spares logistics and all related catering supplies.

We are located at world’s biggest seaport and largest logistics center where a large number of ship-suppliers & vendors are located, express pick-up and direct deliveries to next available ports is given on daily base to any worldwide destination.

Combination of skilled resources with the ability to provide in-house groupage logistics to worldwide service and modern warehouse, equipped to meet stringent regulations for storage of temperature controlled and dry provisions as well as an extensive range of consumable stores for vessels and supplies to all related catering industry.

It includes:

  • Ship’s equipment, ship’s spare parts, Marine Spare parts, Marine Technical Services, Reconditioned equipment spare parts
  • Complete set of spare parts
  • Spare parts for all kinds of machinery and maintenance of chemicals
  • All kinds of safety and navigational equipment
  • Search and delivery of spare parts on customers’ request
  • Delivery of spare parts according to existing catalogues
  • Composite Hose for the transfer of oil, solvents, liquid chemicals, acids, cryogenic products and vapour
  • Collecting spare parts from the vessel

Our warehouse is permanently manned by expert staff. As a result, we are able to respond quickly when your vessel approaches port. Not only do we collect spares from your suppliers, we also collect spares from your vessels for maintenance or repair. Or for temporary storage till an onward destination is known. In these cases, storage is for free. For taking your spares from board, we only charge the transportation at cost price, which can be considered as a service. In addition, we can coordinate onward transportation for you.

AFS Europe provides safe and secure crew change services at any port in the Netherlands.

What we do in order to distinguish from other companies:  

  • Quick response for benefit of Letter of Guarantee 
  • Status updates from time to time/support provided by e-mail
  • Economical prices from the Airport to the ports in the Netherlands (no surcharge for 8 pers mini bus)
  • Assistance at the Immigration office for all Visa related issues by our staff


AFS Europe looks forward to being of service to you. Should you require more details on our company, or should you be interested in a personal visit, just let us know. It would be a pleasure to meet you!

AFS Europe

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: 24340198

+31 (0)6 42 151 848

+31 (0)6 14 358 358

+31(0)85 73 25 948

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